Copyright Notice

Strictly speaking, copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of the copyrighted works of another party without their permission.

Making photocopies, scanning or downloading another person's work for use on a homepage, newsletter, greeting card, etc. without their permission is an infringement. If you make your own art using art, photographs, text, music, etc., that was created by someone else WITHOUT the copyright owner's express permission (and where the work being used by you is not in the public domain), you are infringing on the copyright owner's copyright. You can and will be sued in federal court.

In other words, you may download images for your own personal viewing, but. that's it. If you'd like to use a piece of artwork or written text, ask me. This is my livelihood. Copying it is stealing.

Abbercrombie Duck is copyrighted with the U.S. Library of Congress and is protected under federal law. Certain pieces copyrighted by other parties are used with permission.

© Brian Diskin 2014